BELIEVE , BEHAVE , BEGET Made Michael Jordan As a god of Basketball

BELIEVE , BEHAVE , BEGET Made Michael Jordan As a god of Basketball : MOTIVATION : 2


If you want the success in your life than you must follow the concept . But in today’s generation everyone is following BEING , DOING , RESULT. when your mind is ready to work that time your are enjoying that work & finish the work on time nite and clear . but from first before giving work your telling it hard , it is impossible, or are quit . you will never do that work on time also you will fill the work as a burden.

Michael Jordan willpower make him as a god of basketball

Michael Jordan was born on : 17 February 1963 (age 55 years), Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States. They were four brothers and the income of father was so low that they were not getting one time food to eat . when Michael was of 12 year made him great .
One day Michael Jordan father shown a secound -hand T-shirts and ask the price of T-shirt ? Jordan said 1$ but his father said go and sell it in 2$ . Jordan said OK . when he went to sell the T-shirts he need 8 hours . and went to father
Second day father again slow the second- hand T-shirts and ask him to sell for 20$ . Jordan said OK I will. & went to his friend and ask an idea that time Mickey mouse was in craze so he taken one big Mickey mouse striker and stick on T-shirts & when to the school were also rich boys are studying . after some time one boy with his father was coming form school . he slow that T-shirts ask his father to buy & Finley the T-shirts was sold in 20$ & a man give 5$ as tip
Third day father slow again the second hand T-shirts and tell the Jordan to sell it in 200$ Jordan said OK I will. Unfortunately Farrah fewcett ( Hollywood actress) was come to there city for press confers Jordan went to the Farrah fewcett and taken the autograph on T-shirts . Jordan come out side the press confers and started selling T-shirts in 200$ but the popularity of actress was so high that it sold in 2000$ & when he went to his father
His father that time cry and said very good my boy you done a great job if you will do your work same as it now than none can stop you from have success in your life
This show as than we should always follow the believe, behave, beget not being, doing, result.

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