Role of mother in sachin tendulkar ‘s life

Role of mother in Sachin tendulkar life : motivation 1

everyone know the name sachin tendulkar. he is an master peace in cricket history . he also know to be master blaster or god of cricket.sachin is only the man to make 100 centurys in cricket history.but there is big story behind this

sachin ramesh tendulkar was born on (24 April 1973) in medelclass family.when his sister given the cricket bat has his gift from that time sachin was got some interst in cricket . sachin brother was playing a great cricket some where ever the sachin whan to play with his brother his use to score good run in jr team .

how sachin made a perfect straight drive

when ever sacin was play in society there was 1 rule that now one will hit ball in air and by this sachin become a class player to play ground shots.unfortunately the society building where very close so the bat’s man should hit boll straight it made sachin as perfect to play straight drive

Inspratis for god of cricket is his mother

sachin said in his movie that sachin get the energy to work every time is my mother . who is working from morning to night but she never tied .

it’s my request to you plz be like your mother not like you

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