Thought for tomorrow will be The failure is option which change the world

Elon musk – the most failure person & successful also

In our life all are getting fail in there life whether in exam or in playing but some of them are bounce back but some of them are getting depressed by that . how bounce back chance the world , depression chance only body language . similar example is ELON MUSK how have got many failure in his life

Elon musk

Elon musk was born 28 june 1971 in middle class family. Elon very active student and he read all the book which professor were not read.By read book Elon got idea that how will be the future . at the age 10 year of play cricket or any game elon made his own video game and sell it in 500$ .

Zip 2 first failure of elon musk

After completing the education his brother and musk started company zip 2 banking and money raised . elon wanted to be the CEO of the zip 2 company but none of employed was happy with this so the company divided . elon musk reserve US$ 22 million as per 7% of share or paypal

In 1999 musk started co- founded , with US$ 10 million which he got from the zip 2 . afterward the company merged with confinity and become PayPal . by creation of some problem PayPal was sold to eBay for US$ 1.5 billon . as a highest share holder he reserved US$ 165 millions as per 11%

Space x

This was the training point of elon life I prove the chidwood dream elon when to Russia for his project but one rocket will cost US$ 8 million so elon made his own company . elon musk predicted that I will make space travel very Chief
When he launched his first rocket at that time by some reasons it blast a place only so he got many lose
When he lunched his second rocket it was successfuly but after cross the ozone layer it also blast
It made it so many so but he again announced that there will the soon rocket lunching
After selling his all and take money from other he lunched the third rocket very successful

After this Elon musk made many achievement in his life such as Tesla , solar city, hiperloop,openAl, neuralink, the boring company etc are the cofounded by elon musk

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