Work smarter not harder [jio the successful story]

” Work smarter not harder ”

What is mean by work smarter not harder? Do the work the work sharply , local, and usually superficial pain, as a wound just don’t do the hard work only. The person who works smarter is only getting great success in life. The biggest example of work smarter not harder is JIO company. this all make it happen is only the Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani an Indian business magnate, the chairman, managing director, and the largest shareholder of Reliance Industries Limited, a Fortune Global 500 company and India’s most valuable company by its market value. & today Mr Ambani is the inspiration of many businessman of India or all over the world . Today all world’s know the na!e of JIO company Because Mukesh Ambani was knowing that DATA will be oxygen in future for human beings . because of JIO company India became second largest internet using country after china. After lunching of JIO the growth of data rate increased upto 9,142% . the JIO company started working before 5 years to stealing the wire in oceans . The JIO come into market with referral strategy in that JIO customers will only campaign for JIO company . this makes JIO to become on first no. Of Indian Telecom sector. JIO become first company to give 6month unlimited DATA , unlimited call, unlimited message. Now also JIO is only chargeing for for DATA not for call or message. After captureing the all Telecom network JIO started to demand for 99Rs for membership after doing the attacking strategy if the JIO captured only 50 Cr population of India than also

50Cr ×99Rs

=49,500000000 Rs just in membership only
When in 2015 airtel, Idea , BSNL all Telecom network was not having the 4G network at that time JIO lunch 4G network and captured all member to JIO company. After than so many people where not coming to appeared 4G mobile so JIO lunch NEW JIO phone 1 with just 1500 Rs and that also JIO company will returned back after 2 year so after all the JIO lunch FREE mobile.JIO become successful because JIO was thinking according to the mindset of customers . all the money of Telecom network was coming form call so all Telecom network where challenge each other for voice call.but JIO came with new plan that give voice call free , only just charge for data that also in very less Rs. After the lunch new JIO mobile also capture more than half mobile network . this make JIO to become the successful company of world

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