If death strikes before I prove my blood, I swear I’ll kill Death -Motivation form indian



In this I will post the I am going to tell about the story of a army man

There was an young , fit , strong Army man. He was felling very proud to become army man .he was doing his job by very nicely . in his like all thing were going good but after some year he got married after some years in his family one new family member was also added. But by some political issue the war began . so that he want to border after some year went his children started to understand his child also saying his father that “please father only one in year you should ” but his father always said that” I have many work in army so I can’t come sorry” but after some year he got retained from Army
But after some year his son get selected in NAVY and so he was getting very less vocation to go home in 5 year . and one time his son came at home to celebrate the holiday
After the ending of holiday when he was returning on Deity his father said ” my son please don’t go ” that time he replay that “when we were calling you you were doing the Deity to save the India and went it’s my turn to do you are are telling don’t go” at that time his father said go my boy don’t let any one to touch the India and he started crying.
It’s on as how we jage the problems of any one that boy was also knowing that my father is also getting the one month holiday in year but he is not coming but than also he joined the Navy because of only one thing and that was to do the work of India to keep India safe to keep India protective from other .
this is the spirit of INDIAN ARMY but today’s youths are only using the Facebook , twitter, instragame and most important and the O2 of India WhatsApp . none of the young boy want to be the the ARMY men only want to be the the follower, subscriber . be the ARMY man and create the army man in our self than there will only in one day the crime will reduced.
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